LIFE farm4more aims to implement a suite of technologies, strategies and techniques to achieve climate mitigation in animal protein production. The two technology implementations central to this project are a novel biochar- and green biorefinery-pilot plant both of which are being commissioned in Austria. The biochar pilot plant aims to produce GHG reducing animal feed additives while the green biorefinery aims to process organic grass-silage into high value organic protein feeds (pigs and chickens) and green chemicals. The biorefinery pilot plant will also produce an organic grass silage press cake which will be tested for its ruminant animal feed properties.  

Specific objectives include:  

  1. Demonstrating and assessing substantial GHG reductions in cattle production by using pre-treated organic/non-organic grass-legume press-cakes with/without biochar. 
  2. Producing organic/non-organic crude protein (CP) and hydrolysed protein, amino acid (AA) and polypeptides (PP) concentrates as organic/non-organic animal feeds. 
  3. Establishing and operating a Member State/stakeholder group (Ireland, Austria, Denmark) for geo-specific biorefinery implementation.
  4. Characterising and optimising biorefinery products for various feed applications; 
  5. Executing animal feeding trials using biorefinery products (biochar, CP or AA-PP concentrate and press cake) to create feeding strategies that maximise animal performances while minimising GHG emissions
  6. Screening for alternative feed substrates (e.g. seaweed) and additional non-feed applications for the generated biorefinery products.
  7. Assessing the economic feasibility of selected business cases. 
  8. Building a strong base for the farm4more initiative by integrating existing expertise from green biorefining actors from Austria and Ireland, and additional EU member states.

Life farm4more is a 4 year agricultural pilot project with the projects activities directly supporting a range of climate and agriculturally-related policy at European and national scale, including the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), the Rural Development Policy, Nitrates Directive (91/676/EEC) and the National Emissions Ceiling (NEC) Directive (2016/2284). The pilot project is jointly funded by the EU’s LIFE Programme and the Irish Department of Communications, Climate Action & Environment. 

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